Customer Testimonials

EZ Smog specializes in smog checks, and our main priority is to provide quick and friendly service for our customers. Here's what they have to say:

Mike G, Ontario, CA

It was time for smog check and I didn`t know where to go. So I just drove around hoping to find a smog check company. I’m glad I found EZ Smog. My car passed and everything was ok! Whew!

Justin C, Pomona, CA

My car failed the smog inspection at another facility and I was offered repairs on the spot for $480.00. I did not feel comfortable with the shop so I went to EZ Smog in Chino for a second test, and my car passed without a problem!

Jackie M, Chino, CA

I’ve never reviewed anything on Google before, but Paul at EZ Smog was so helpful and friendly that I decided to write a review right away. Super fast, let me sit and watch the whole procedure, and knew all about my car!

Jim M, Corona, CA

Paul is a very nice, honest, helpful man. He did the smog check on my Civic on short notice, and for a very reasonable price. His shop may be a bit hard to find, but I would definitely recommend him regardless.

Cheryl, Chino, CA

I just bought a car from my cousin, and I needed a Smog Check certification to transfer the title. EZ SMOG gave me a great price and a convenient appointment time. When I got there, they took my car in right away, and I didn’t have to wait long!

Mike B, Chino, CA

EZ Smog got me in and quickly, my car passed (YEA!) and the price was extremely fair. THANKS!!

Shannon H, Chino, CA

I brought some snacks, water, and a magazine but I didn’t even get a chance to open my magazine. My car was finished in a couple of minutes and I was out the door. It was quick and efficient.